How to remove eyelash glue? (Quick Guide)

How to remove eyelash glue? For smooth and pain-free removing process and eye health, use the minimum amount of glue to begin with and try to wipe off the extras. This process will save you from a lot of hazards while removing them. Methods to effectively remove glue from eyelashes extensions:-

There are many methods by which you can safely remove your eyelash extensions. We will be listing all of them below here:-

  • Use hot water and towel or cotton swab:- For this process, you need to know if your lashes are synthetic or not.
  • For synthetic lashes, you can soak a microfibre towel with tiny pores with hot water and place it over your face. Gently apply it over and around your eye portion. The temperature of the water should not be too hot; it may damage your eyes. Use your intuition. Please do the whole thing three to four times. By this time, the lashes should come out painlessly and resistant-free. Water does not cause that much harm to synthetic fibers as they are way less fragile.
  • For the high-end lashes made from natural fibers, getting soaked with water may cause potential damage to the design and structure of the lashes. So, in this case, soak a cotton swab with water and saturate it. Make sure no water is dripping from the swab. Then gently rub it in the lash band. Repeat the process until you can remove the lashes painlessly.
  • By steaming:- Take a bowl of water and warm to the point when it’s visibly steaming. Drape any piece of clothing or towel from your head. Leave a generous amount of that cloth hanging from every portion of the head. It should look like you are covering your face with a tube of a towel. Lower your head to an optimal distance from the water bowl, close your eyes and steam your lash band for three to five minutes approx. Be cautious, as steam can burn your skin.  Also, go too close to the bowl, and neither continue it for too long. It can badly affect your skin and cause considerable injuries.
  • Use oil to remove your extension:- Literally, any oil is suitable for removing glue from your eyelash extension, the most preferred being coconut oil or olive oil. Take a cotton swab and saturate it with coconut oil or olive oil. Gently rub the cotton swab through the eyelash band, exactly where the glue attaches it. Apply it multiple times. Eventually, you will notice, the extension is coming off. Continue applying if there is the slightest adhesive left. Start pulling it from the outer corner of the lashes. If you want, you can clean the excess oil from your eyes. Point to be noted; this method is to be applied if the eyelash extension is for one-time use. Oil reduces the longevity of eyelash extensions. But oil specially serves many benefits like being gentle and nourishing to the skin.
  • Use makeup remover to remove eyelash extensions:- Like previous methods, take a cotton swab and put the remover in a generous amount. Saturate the swab. Make sure nothing is dripping from the cotton swab because many makeup removers we not good for the eyes. Press gently in the band of the eyelashes and rub the swab over it. You will notice that extensions are coming off. Start pulling from the outer corner of your eyelashes. If you think that extra glue is left in your eye, repeat the process of rubbing the swab. But make sure no adhesive remains in your eye. If you want to reuse your eyelash extensions, make sure your makeup remover isn’t oil-based. Because oil destroys the longevity of the lashes, as said earlier.
  • Many brands have their adhesive remover. They can be in the form of creams, gel, or any solvent.

Some tips to follow before applying:-

How to remove eyelash glue
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The removal process will be a lot easier if you follow basic guidelines before putting your eyelash extensions. Some great tips to follow are given below, which you should follow before applying.

  • Use minimum amount of glue:- As stated earlier, you should use the minimum amount of glue while putting your eyelash extensions because excessive adhesive can be harmful for your natural eyelashes. Also, accidental dripping of glue in the eyes can cause irritation and significant damage to your vision.
  • Along with the amount, the position also plays a crucial role. Try to apply more glue in the corners and more minor in the center portion.
  • One mistake newbies make by sticking all the lashes all at once. First, attach the lash in the center position and press it gently. Then eventually, stick the corner portions. This technique will make removal easier.
  • Always customise the lashes for better fittings. The perfect size and weight are very important. Many people’s natural eyelashes can not bear the weight of thick eyelash extensions. This will harm your natural eyelashes eventually.

Why and how should you care for your lashes?

How to remove eyelash glue
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If you are planning to reuse your eyelash extensions, you should take proper care of them. Because why not? Your lash extensions are full of mascara, oil, dirt, and other makeup materials. If you don’t take care, those lashes will look dull, bad, and fizzy. In worst cases, the lashes may break and fall apart. Regular maintenance will make it last longer. And reusable eyelash extensions are a bit costly, and you wouldn’t want to waste your money repeatedly due to your negligence.

A simple maintenance habit will go a long way and will save you a lot of money. And the most important reason why you should care for your extensions is your natural eyelashes’ health. Wearing dirty eyelash extensions can potentially damage your beautiful natural lashes. The cleaning regiment is specifically essential for people with blepharitis, in simple words, inflammation of eyelids. If the extensions are not clean, dead skins may build up there and block the hair follicles,  causing an itchy sensation.

We have seen the reasons why you should care for your precious extensions, but how?

  • If you are planning to reuse, avoid oil-based products or mascara. If your skin is oily, try to soak that oil by blotting paper or tissue paper as much as possible. You can also try some products to give you a matt finish.
  • Avoid touching your lash extensions frequently. Your hand may contain oil or dirt. It can affect your lashes. Also, frequent touching can make the lashes loose due to unintended pressure, and lashes may fall apart.
  • Avoid any moisture or steamy situation in the first twenty-four to thirty-six hours and try to keep it dry as much as possible.
  • Avoid a very heated environment like in front of burning gas ovens. That much heat can make your lash extensions very frizzy and unmanageable.
  • Avoid sleeping in them. But you can use silk pillows for better lash health.
  • You can put on some protective coat to protect the lashes from dirt, oil, and moisture.
  • The most important of all these is to clean your eyelash extensions frequently. Cleaning is essential for the longevity of your lashes, both lash extensions, and natural lashes.

How to clean them?

We learned that cleaning is essential. Many of us may have the misconception that keeping the eyelashes extensions out of water will keep them healthy, which is entirely wrong. Yes, you must follow your technician’s instructions and keep it away from moisture for the first couple of days but not more.

Step1:- Take a bowl of lukewarm water and keep the eyelashes extensions in the water for a couple of minutes.

Step2:- Pour some toner or makeup remover or baby shampoo or soap and mix it well with the water and the lashes. Make sure those products are oil-free.

Step3:- Leave the lashes in the water for a couple of minutes more.

Step4:- Gently hold the lashes in one hand and rub the eyelashes with fingers. Make sure to peel off the extra adhesive present there. Rub the entire eyelashes very gently.

Step5:- Wash it with fresh water and comb it.

In conclusion, we have mentioned everything you need to know about your eyelash extensions. We hope for a happy and healthy eyelash life.

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