How to clean under nails? (5 effective ways)

How to clean under nails? When working dust, dirt and grease may get stuck under your nails. It is very important to ensure that the nails are clean. We all need to know how to practice nail care, it not only looks healthy but also prevents the transmission of bacteria and diseases. Wearing acrylic nails will not prevent grease and dirt from getting to your natural nails therefore daily cleaning and removal of dirt will be very beneficial to you in the long run. Ensure that after cleaning your hands and you have your acrylics on to dry your hands thoroughly. To that gently so that the acrylic nails don’t come off. Moisture in the nails or hands becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to florish.

When the temperatures start to go down, your hands’ best friend could in fact be the dirty nail. People in the beauty industry have pointed out nails often get dirtier faster in cooler months, and the fur from inside gloves could be to blame! If you start to notice your nails are always full or some sand; turn your gloves inside out and dust them off.

Are you looking for the best way for easily improving your nails with more beauty then it is important to concentrate on more aspects. With following these tips, it is more efficient option for getting rid of the dirt and dust.

  • Please wash your hands with dish soap: the dish soap is made to ensure that it cut grease and often reduces oil build up under the nails. It would help if you considered buying a cleaner that explicitly removes dust and grease from the hands.
  • Use a washcloth: a soft washcloth would be ideal for reaching surfaces in your fingernails and cuticles. Ensure to use a clean washcloth each day.
  • Use luck warm water: the water should not be cold or hot. This is because the luck warm water is less drying on the nails and cuticles.
  • Use an orange stick or cuticle stick: this is an angled wooded stick; it is one way to remove dirt under your nails. 
  • Have a nail brush: a good nail brush is essential everyone should have, to be able to remove the dirt and dust in their nails
  • Soak your hands: ensure that your hands are nice and moist before scrubbing. Rinsing your hands too quickly would damage the bed of your nails.

It is very essential to have clean nails especially when you have also have the acrylic nails on. Acrylic nails cleaning require one to be gentle in order to not remove the acrylic nail. It is very important to not that many of the discoloration experienced it may be due to fungus infection and not dirt or other infections.  Here are some of the ways to help you with the cleaning of your nails.

Removing dirt nails

  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water this should be done when you want to cook, eat, and use the bathroom. However don’t wash your hands all the time as it will weaken the glue.
  • Dip the nail brush into soapy water removes the excess water and brush under the nail to remove the dirt.  A smooth brush is ideal for this work and be gentle.
  • Dry your nails carefully after washing this is because when the water remains is can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.    
  • You will can also use also remove dirt by using a scrape cuticle pusher and avoid using pressure as it can cause the acrylic nail separation.
  • If the nail falls off soak the nail in alcohol as this will flush out any fungus and bacteria that might be hiding. Soak your nail in the alcohol for 15 seconds.

We should always take some time to clean our nails as they also impact our on our health. Nails carry dirt and other substances that cannot be seen with bear eyes. Cleaning will ensure to get rid of those disease carrying bacteria and fungus.

 How to eliminate fungus from the nails

  • In case of fungus in your nails here are some of the tips that you can use to treat that.
  • Start by removing the acrylic nails if it’s still attached.
  • Soak the hand in a cup of warm water for 10 minutes this will soften the acrylic nail and make it easy to remove
  • Remove the remaining glue from the nail with a dump sponge with warm water as the leftover glue may contain some fungus or other infections.
  • Next soak the fingers for 30 minutes in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar do this for up to 6 days.
  • Use a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil apply the mixture with a cotton swab twice a day until the infection is gone.
  • You can also use a mouth wash instead of vinegar by dipping for 30 minutes the alcohol will help to kill the fungus or other bacteria’s.

If the natural treatments don’t work it is advised to visit the doctor for a prescription to be administered. One should ensure to do the following as a way of ensuring to keep the nails clean;

  • Wearing gloves while cleaning or bathing
  • Visiting the salon after 2-3 weeks is an essential tool to ensuring that there will not be any buildup of bacteria and fungi.
  • Ensure to replace your  nails after 3 months
  • It is also important to ensure that the tools being used on you in the salon are sterilized this is to avoid the transfer of bacteria from one person to another.


The health of the nails is essential. When getting acrylic nails, one should ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure the durability of the nails. The cleanliness of the nails is essential as our nails carry a lot of dust, dirt, and cleanliness.Excellent and perfect nails is the goal.  

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