how long do eyelash extensions last

Are you tired of your thin eyelashes? Then this article is for you. In this, I will tell you about eyelash extensions and how long do eyelash extensions last. Additional points are some tips about these eyelash extensions and the natural growth of your eyelashes. A friend of yours who tried eyelashes will tell you about how beautiful it looks to open eyes.

 This glamorous-looking style will change your simple life. Many artists are available who apply for eyelash extensions. Not only do they make your lashes glamorous, but they also lessen the need for mascara. Who not want to have long eyelashes and look gorgeous? So, go to a technician and ask him to apply for a lash extension, and then he does all the subsequent work. Like all good things that end very soon, these eyelash extensions also have an expiry date. So, it is essential to note down that how long eyelash extensions last.


Generally, we have three types of eyelash extensions

  1. Mink
  2. Silk
  3. Synthetic

These lashes have different lifespan depending upon your eyelashes. The average life cycle of natural eyelashes is two weeks and can be longer than eight weeks. Eyelash extensions typically have a process of 2 to 8 weeks; as these extensions are attached with a single lash, so whenever your eyelash sheds, the extension lash will fall off naturally. So, how long eyelash extension will remain depends upon the natural eyelash cycle.

But here is the main thing the eyelash has different stages during its growth cycle so, the extension will not fall off rapidly. Gaps will appear after few weeks after having extensions. A fill-in treatment can rectify this. The lifespan of eyelash extensions also depends upon how fantastic you take care of them after put in.

Mostly these extensions look fantastic for more than four weeks. During this duration, these lashes will look fluffy and full. When you are looking for the better way to easily improve your beauty then choosing the eyelash extension is quite important for easily enabling better beauty.

Eyelash extension depends upon the following parts.

  1. Growth of your natural eyelash
  2. Type of eyelash extension
  3. Eyelash glue
  4. The care you take of your extensions
  5. With following these eyelash cycle of upto 60 days, these extension are suitable for placing to about 2 months. Normally, the eyelash extension would not fall simultaneously. You can also place them for about 8 weeks before removing the extension.

Natural eyelashes fall one to five in number depending upon age, health, lifestyle, and many other factors. So, about 20% of eyelashes will fall out within a week.

Eyelash growth cycle

how long do eyelash extensions last

Eyelash life cycle has three phases

  1. Growth
  2. Rest
  3. Falling

These phases last for 60 to 90 days faster than other body hairs such as hair, mustache, beard, eyebrows. Before the falling of the eyelash, the new lash is in the growth phase and then slowly replaces the last one. Hence this process is endless and moves on to the end of life. Along with these lashes, extensions also fall off.

How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last

You can do a lot of things to make eyelash extensions last longer; however, they will last only for few weeks. 

  1. The other thing you should avoid is any oil-based cleanser and moisturizer. These also can break the eyelash adhesive. You should not use any oil-based makeup.
  2. Don’t use any curler or prem on your lash extensions. These will damage the delicate extension. These eyelashes extensions are so soft to handle.
  3. Every morning, you should brush your extensions by cleaning mascara wounds to keep them separate and beautiful. Keep them clean.

How to Take Off Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have been efficient option for transforming the complete beauty routine and it gives the better enviable look. Whether you are looking for adding more beauty with the best makeup then choosing the best Eyelash Extension is more efficient option. Whether you do not have time for making the eyelash or simply giving yourself break from lash routine then choosing the best eyelash extension is quite important. If you want to remove your eyelash extension, then you should go to your technician. He will help you to preserve your natural lashes. But in this busy world, one would not have enough time to go for an appointment. Instead, use an extension remover that dissolves the glue, so then it is easy to remove the individual lash extension from the real one. You can conveniently fill the bowl with steaming-hot water then you could place them on the face with placing large towel on the head. You could easily remain this manner for about 15 minutes.

Do’s of The Eyelash Extension:

For fluffy and beautiful eyelash extensions, you should follow some points.

  • Using lash cleanser, it is convenient for cleaning the extension. These cleansers will help to remove dirt, oil, and debris from the attachments. Cleaning your lash will keep them last longer.
  • Having the mascara fresh so that they would make them fluffy and full.

Don’ts For Eyelash Extension:

If you want to keep your eyelash extensions for weeks, then you should not do these.

  • Not recommended for getting the Extension wet for more than 48 hours after the application
  • Do not use the oily products that causes irritation for the eyes
  • Do not forget to brush the Eyelashes
  • Do not open the eyes during process
  • During the treatment, it is not necessary to be nervous
  • When you do not feel uncomfortable during the extension then it is hard to feel them going
  • Do not rub your eyes during the eyelash extension
  • Do not expect that the eyelash extension lasts more than a week
  • Following the instruction during the treatment is more important for getting the best Eyelash extension. Learning about the Do’s and Don’ts for the Eyelash extension.

Lash shedding season

As there is the season for eyelash shedding so there is also a shedding season of lashes. We usually lost our hair in spring or autumn, which is called the eyelash fall season. If you put lash extensions during this season, then your period for extensions will be minimal.

Mainly there are two reasons for lash shedding.

  1. If you spend most of your time indoor, perhaps you get the most sunlight in summer and spring. It will affect the level of hormones.
  2. Testosterone level also affects your scalp as well as your eyelashes. Although it is mainly a male hormone present both in males and females. It causes hair loss.

So if you find hair loss, then don’t get worried. It usually is shedding season. A point to be taken is that you should not have eyelash extensions during this season.

Eyelash extensions can fall off more rapidly during summer and winter. In summer due to heat and winter due to moisture which makes the lash adhesive soft. Cold and dry air makes the extension brittle, and glue may crumble. Try to avoid extra water in extensions as well as extreme temperatures.

How to wash eyelash extensions

To prevent eye inflammation and other comforts, wash your extensions. Proper care of these extensions will last them longer. The cleansing routine will remove debris from extensions. When you use makeup that has oil, then some of it will store on your eyelashes.

If you don’t clean your eyelashes, then it will break down the lash glue. Here are some steps to remove oil and other particles from the extensions.

  1. Use oil-free makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
  2. Wet your lashes with lukewarm water and apply a tiny amount of cleanser to your hand, and then apply it to each eye gently.
  3. Rinse the eye with clean water and dry the eyes with a soft towel
  4. Comb your lashes with a lash brush and feel free.

Some other suggestions for long-lasting eyelash extensions are

  1. Do not apply for heavy lash extensions. It will damage and hurt your natural lashes and break them out permanently
  2. Live a healthy lifestyle, use a suitable lash adhesive and choose all the climate correctly to make your extensions beautiful
  3. Only use the services of the registered and certified lash applier.

These eyelash extensions are not dangerous. Before application, ask your technician to tell about the ingredients they used in the glue. If they don’t tell you, then definitely cancel your appointment. It is better to expensive than harm to your eyelids.

Final Thoughts

So, the average eyelash extension will last for 2 to 8 weeks. They will fall off with the fall off of natural eyelashes. In the above article, you learned how long these lasts and some dos and don’ts of eyelash extension retention. To look beautiful and makes these extensions last longer, you should take care of your eyelash extensions through several ways discussed above. Have a proper routine for them and also go to your technician for a touch-up.

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