How Long do Acrylic Nails Last?


Beauty products have been evolving, and better and great things are being discovered each day. When it comes to acrylic nails, they have become a better option to nail polish because they last longer and durable. Nail polish starts to chip immediately, making more people go for the acrylic nails.

The acrylic nails are created by brushing a combination of liquid monomer and powder polymer before shaping and air-drying them. These acrylic nails should last at most six to eight weeks; you are also required to go back to the salon to fill the growth of your natural nails. This may be 2-3 weeks after application.

The duration of how long the acrylics can last will also depend on one person to another. Many people are advised to ensure that they go for the filling; this is because it will help prevent fungal infections or pressure that may cause the expansion of your natural nails.

Everyone is into different professions. The bulk of work that one handles can also affect the durability of the acrylic; Making it very important to ensure that you get your nails done at a reliable place.

Do expensive acrylics last longer than cheap ones?

Expensive does not mean quality; that’s what many people think. We live in an era where making more profit is essential than providing quality. Many customers don’t know the difference between cheap and expensive acrylic, making the sellers take advantage of this.

The acrylic nails range from $10-$30; this will depend on the shape and accompaniments and finishing. Most nail techs offer premium services, and this will ensure that your acrylics last longer. The acrylics’ being expensive does not translate to durability; therefore, we should ensure that our nails are done by a professional for quality and durability.

What happens if the acrylic stays for long?

When the acrylics stay for long, it may lead to the potential risks of infections; when you are wearing acrylic nails, after some time, there will be gaps due to the natural growth of the nails. The gaps may lead to moisture collection, which may prime the perfect environment for fungal growth. This happens when the nails stay for more than three months when the nails are re-glued without proper cleaning, creating a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections.

We are all different, and we react differently to different chemicals. When the acrylics are placed, other chemicals are used, and if you have sensitive skin and the acrylics stay for long, it may lead to an allergic skin reaction. The allergy can noticeable in different ways, including swelling, itching around the nail, and in worst cases, the separation of the natural nail from the nail bed.

Another problem of wearing acrylic nails for too long is the moisture and the natural oils of the nails due to the chemicals that start drying up.

How Long do Acrylic Nails Last

Tips to ensuring the acrylic nails last longer

Most of the time, we are told that we should visit the nail artist for our acrylics to last longer. But now we live in a DIY world, and you could save some cash by knowing how to do it yourself. Even if you get expensive acrylic nails without preparation for the nail’s surface, they will not last long.

  • Ensure that you find the right acrylic nail size. You should note that the acrylic nail should be applied halfway, which may require you to buffer very well.
  • The nails should be cleaned and trimmed, leaving a few centimeters to hold the acrylics.
  • It is ensured that the nail surface is buffered and slightly coarse in texture that will create a good feeling for the attachment of the acrylic.
  • Ensure the surfaces of the nails are well cleaned with a remover. This will help to get rid of the dust, grease, and dirt.
  •  Apply a thin layer of primer on the nails. Be careful not to apply it to the skin.
  • Apply some glue to half of your nails
  • Put the acrylic nail tip and hold it down for 10-15mins
  • Place your brush into the acrylic liquid. Then, press it to the side of the bowl to eliminate excess liquid
  • Spin the brush in the acrylic powder
  • Spread the blend from the base of your finger to the tip. The goal is to make an even transition from the natural nail to the false nail.
  • Repeat the process for other nails
  • Let it dry, then buff till you get a natural look

You can also ensure that you wear gloves while doing house chores. Those who spend a lot of time typing should use a pad on their fingers, not the nails. Keep the nails clean when doing a thorough cleaning. Ensure to moisturize your nails and cuticles too.

The use of premium nail coats and nail polishes like gel on the acrylics helps them last longer, and they dry fast. Many people are always in a hurry to use their hands, and a nail polish that dries faster is a better option; a good layer of top coat to keep everything shiny and prevent flacking of the polish. This should be done frequently while you wait for your next appointment.

Using a moisturizer on your hands is also another better option to ensure that the nail acrylics stay for long. Regular use of moisturizer is good for your skin, and it’s also conditioning by applying oil to your hands. The goal is to ensure that your hands don’t dry out; therefore, ensure that you moisturize your hand all the time.

How to whiten the discolored nail after removal of the acrylic nail

When wearing fake nails, anything can happen, and that includes discoloration of your natural nails. Let’s look at tips on how to whiten;

  • Use whitening toothpaste. This is a fast fix to removing discolorations from your nails. Scrub a paste of whitening toothpaste on the nails. This can be done before applying the acrylic nails
  • Another great combination is baking soda and lemon. Squeeze lemon into a bowl and add baking soda until it forms a paste. Use a nail brush to scrub the paste into your bare nails and rinse off
  • Another option is soaking the fingertips into white vinegar. It will help to whiten the nails. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar with water, soak for 5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also another option that can be used for whitening. This can be done by mixing one part of hydrogen peroxide with three parts of water and then let your bare nails soak for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  • If you have some extra cash, you could buy a nail whitening product mostly sold in saloons and big box stores. This nail whitening product will cost you from 5$-15$.
  • A denture tablet is also another unique way to whiten your nails. Dissolve the tablets in water, and then soak your unpolished nails to the solutions for about 15 minutes.
  • The best way to whiten your nails is by preventing them from whitening. This can be achieved by applying a base coat to your nails. You can buy the base coat from a salon or a store. Apply the base coat before you put on your desired nail polish.


How long the acrylic nail lasts will depend on your carefulness and preserving them during working hours. Ensure to visit the salon for the fill-ups.

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