Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

Eye-lash extensions have now become an integral part of our daily makeup regimens. Those falsies help us so much in elevating our looks, inducing drama even in the most boring makeup looks. Though these eyelash extensions came and became besties with our eyes, most of us can’t ditch mascara, no matter what we try. Mascara has been with us for ages, making our natural lashes fuller, longer, and more dramatic. Many women love to coat mascara on eyelashes extensions generously, but they always have the question in mind, can we put mascara on our false extensions.

Well, there is no specific answer for that. The answer ranges from yes to no, based on specific criteria and conditions. This article will provide you some benefits and drawbacks of using mascara on your extensions, which pair of mascara and eyelashes suit each other, and everything else you need to know. You will get the perfect picture, and you can weigh down everything to decide whether to use and what to use. If you follow our instructions correctly, you can minimize many drawbacks that come with the unconscious use of mascara.

First things first, we take a look at the benefits we will be getting.

What will be the benefits?

  • If you are using the classic falsies; it will make your eyelash extensions a lot thicker, voluminous and dramatic. Also, if your lashes are already falling apart or they are old and brittle, or they already lost their sign and volumes, several coats of mascara can save your day.
  • Suppose you don’t have eyelash extensions of matching color to complete your makeup look. You can always put the mascara in your desired color and just look! How much elevated your makeup feels.
  • Also, the mascara makes it seem like the length of your falsies has been increased. And who doesn’t love long eyelashes?
  • Good quality mascara contains many valuable ingredients like stem cell complexes, peptides, etc., which are suitable for the health of your natural eyelashes and help them grow thicker, according to many experts.

So, these are the main reasons you wanted to use mascara. Also, a coat of mascara on your extensions seems to complete the look and help blend your falsies with your natural eyelashes, and you feel great. Also, mascara on the upper eyelashes will add impact to the lower ones. Both of them will look uniform, balanced, and natural.

All the disadvantages you will face if you decide to put on your mascara are listed below.

  • Health of your falsies and your natural lashes:- Mascara may look like tiny drops of light liquid, but it puts a considerable amount of weight on your falsies. Those extensions are very delicate themselves, and long-term heavyweight can make them fall apart prematurely.

Most importantly, the extra weight is not at all suitable for the new baby natural eyelashes. They will not be able to sustain the weight and eventually fall.

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions
  • The types of lashes that are designed to give volume to your lashes are a big no for mascara. Putting mascara on them will look like thick wet hair; all the strands will stick together and form a clump. That will not serve the purpose; instead, it will become a potential villain and come in your way of achieving a great makeup look
  • Many mascara brushes are potentially harmful to your delicate falsies. The friction between the mascara brush and falsies can cause the lashes to be brittle and frizzy and fall way before it’s time.
  • And let’s make one thing clear, lash extensions are designed to avoid wearing mascara.
  • You will have to be careful what type of eye makeup you are doing because oil-based makeup is a big no for your falsies. Avoid waterproof makeup consciously.
  • Most importantly, not all mascaras well with lashes, and not all lashes are suitable for mascara. Most of the mascaras contain sesame oil, eucalyptus oil. Especially waterproof mascara is rich with such oils. Oils are not good with adhesives.
  • Oils can break the bond between the lash band and the lashes and can dissolve the glues. This process will cause the premature death of your falsies.
  •  Mascaras doesn’t go with volume eyelash extensions, as explained earlier.
  • There are some types of mascaras made from fibers like silk, nylons, rayons. They are very dry and itchy and extremely hard to remove, even from natural eyelashes. So, it would help if you didn’t use them on your falsies.
  • There are some types of mascara called tube mascara; they are good on natural eyelashes, as they form a tube-like coat of mascara around each lash. But it can be hard to remove them from your eyelash extensions. Hybrid mascaras make the lashes brittle, and they are tough to remove.
  • Please do avoid the mascaras having carbonate and glycol as ingredients.

Now, let’s see what type of mascaras can go with different types of lashes.

Mascaras look pretty good on classic eyelash extensions.

When we expect the longevity of our expensive eyelash extensions, we need to protect the adhesive bond between the lash lines, and the false lashes are the essential thing to make that happen. So, always choose water-based mascaras. One massive benefit of water-based mascaras is their pH level. They are very close to natural levels, which makes them great for sensitive skins. And they are effortless to remove. Just warm water is enough. No rubbing is required.

Let’s look at some tips to follow if you decide to wear mascara along with your falsies:-

  • Consciously choose your mascara brush. Make sure it doesn’t grip your false eyelashes too tightly, and there is comparatively less friction. Otherwise, too much friction and firm grip will damage the delicate lashes.
  • Please do not apply the mascara from base to tip. It will make the extensions very heave, and weight will cause the lashes to fall apart prematurely.
  • Always try to apply from the middle to the tips, and please do avoid the root. It minimizes the damage.
  • If your eyelashes get clumped after applying mascara, you don’t want that to happen. That looks messy. To prevent clumping, take the minimum amount of mascara and remove the extras before applying. The less is always good. And the only coat is enough. If you want to coat several times, better comb your lashes after each layer with lash combs. But please don’t coat more than three to four times. It will become cumbersome and clumpy and will defeat the purpose entirely. Keep it in mind.
  • Always use oil-free makeup remover. Avoid anything containing oils.
  • Avoid using cotton pads if you want to reuse them. Lint-free towels are great.
  • And clean them regularly. Cleaning the lashes regularly the most valuable tip we can give you. The cleaning regiment is specifically essential for people with blepharitis, in simple words, inflammation of eyelids. If the extensions are not clean, dead skins may build up there and block the hair follicles,  causing an itchy sensation. Some types of mascara may worsen the situation and can increase inflammation.

But, how to clean your eyelashes?

Many of us may have the misconception that keeping the eyelashes extensions out of water will keep them healthy, which is entirely wrong. Yes, you must follow your technician’s instructions and keep it away from moisture for the first couple of days but not more.

Step1:- Take a bowl of lukewarm water and keep the eyelashes extensions in the water for a couple of minutes.

Step2:- Pour some toner or makeup remover or baby shampoo or soap and mix it well with the water and the lashes. Make sure those products are oil-free. Remember, the toner or the shampoo, or the makeup remover have to be oil-free and water-based.

Step3:- Leave the lashes in the water for a couple of minutes more.

Step4:- Gently hold the lashes in one hand and rub the eyelashes with fingers. Make sure to peel off the extra adhesive present there. Rub the entire eyelashes very gently.

Step5:- Wash it with fresh water and comb it.

Final thoughts

Let’s revisit the question, can you use mascara on your eyelash extensions? Yes, of course. But make sure to follow our instructions properly. And remember, you can do anything and everything unless you need to compromise your health and budget. We have mentioned everything you need to know about your eyelash extensions. We hope for a happy and healthy eyelash life. Keep experimenting, keep creating.

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