Bone straight hair 101 (Complete guide)

What is meant by bone straight hair? Who doesn’t like straight hair? Well, maybe everyone, but a huge percentage of ladies love straight hair and would do anything to have them. And maybe some of you haven’t heard about bone straight hairs yet, but it has become a favorite hot trend among ladies these days.

Bone straight hair means dead straight hair no matter how long they are. They are raw hairs from different donors that usually belong to Peruvian or Cambodian origin. Ladies are so much into straight hairs and specifically into bone straight hairs these days.

An interesting fact about bone straight hairs is that they are naturally straight. They look beautiful, and people are willing to pay as much as they can for this hair. As not everyone is lucky to have straight hair with exceptional length. In most cases, they get wavy or curly as they grow longer.

History of bone straight hairs:

The history goes back to ancient Egypt when men and women of Egypt had their heads shaved off, totally or particularly. So they made these wigs to cover their head to protect them from the sun. after being introduced as protection of the head, they later become a trend for musicians, pop stars, and celebrities. Later on, after almost a decade, it became a usual fashion trend among people.

An interesting fact about long and straight hair is that there were women with a common approach who believed that long hair depicts the strong personality of women, so as long and straight hairs are, as strong would be the personality impression of that woman.

Indians initially introduced bone straight hair. As this trend kept getting hold then Vietnamese and Cambodian people also made wigs from the hair donated by their people. Usually, people from Cambodia or Brazilians is given more importance as they have a very beautiful, thick, and strong texture.

These women take care of them with some specific natural recipes and hair tonics, making their hair prettier, shinier, and more comfortable to handle.

This has become the most wanted and hot trend among teenagers and adults. These wigs are easy to handle, look pretty, make your personality impact strong and confident, and they are easy to style and heat resistant, so you can use a flat iron to style them slightly. They don’t require much styling. These reasons make them a favorite, and this is why every girl and woman wants them.


These wigs are the least damaging solution for you if you are a fan of straight hairs but born with curly or wavy hairs. When anybody wanted a straight hair look, they had to make their hair go through harsh chemicals to achieve that look. And after getting them straight, you cannot even restyle them or curl them because that would make the weave go away in no time.

These wigs are becoming a top trend among people as they are the best solution for getting a straight-up natural look without permanently or temporarily damaging your natural hair. For example, if you are born with curly hair, you don’t have to put that dangerous chemical on your beautiful natural locks just to attend one party, just buy a bone straight hair and glam your look by wearing perfect straight hair wig on your head.

Types of bone straight hair:

There are three basic types:

Single drawn:

This type of hair is made for everyone. Its available at a reasonable price and everyone can have it. Usually, most hair in single drawn bone straight hair wig is of mixed length, which makes them thick at the top, taper at the middle length, and thin at the bottoms. But they are cheaper as compared to others.

Double drawn:

Bone straight hair

Double-drawn hair usually consists of the same length of hair. So they have almost the same density at the top, middle and bottom. They look thicker than single-drawn hair and slightly expensive than them as well.

Super double drawn:

Bone straight hair

This is what you can call a luxury bone straight hair wig, which not everyone could afford. These are the thickest bone straight hair extension. The density of super double-drawn hair makes you feel comfortable and have that natural glimpse of your hair. But, unfortunately, they are the most expensive ones.

Features of bone straight hair:

If you have started thinking about getting your own bone straight hair wig, you can learn more about them before getting them. Because you wouldn’t want to end up with the wrong one so, keep reading if you want to know everything about bone straight hair before getting your weave. Let us tell you some features of bone straight hairs:

Healthy and shiny hairs

When we are talking about bone straight hairs, they come from usual Cambodian and Brazilian donors. Or we can say that is what is preferred by vendors and most popular among people. Cambodian women take care of their hair with special treatments, and those treatments don’t include any chemicals. They also keep a healthy diet which is good for hair, and one important thing that gives their hair shine and strength along with softness is that they don’t use shampoos with multiple chemicals. Instead, they use natural shampoos and tonics for their hair, like coconut oil or palm oil.


The texture of Cambodian bone straight hair is best among other varieties of bone straight hair. They are well known for smoothness and straightness. You don’t have to spend a lot of time combing them or styling them. They are more resistant to heat as compared to other bone straight hair wigs.

They smell nice

Nobody wants that synthetic machine smell coming from their hair when rocking with their perfect night look for a bachelor party. Cambodian hair smells nice, as they come from another human being rather than from a machine. And Cambodian women take care of their hair well, which makes them smell nice.

Coloring and bleaching

Bone straight hair reacts nicely towards coloring and bleaching. So along with having your very own straight weave, you can have it colored in your favorite hair color but make sure you get that done by professionals.

Natural color

Another fact that makes Cambodian bone straight hair perfect for your casual wear or next occasion is that they come along with natural mild black color and not deep jet black, making your hair look artificial. Another positive factor about Cambodian hair is that these women usually have a very nice shade of black color, making it more attractive and demanding among vendors as the customers like going for a natural look rather than the artificial one.

Benefits :

Few things will make it easier for you to decide whether you would like to go for bone straight hair or rebounding treatment you have planned in your next parlor appointment. Some of those benefits are:


You can style your favorite straight hair look just as you wish. You can make a decent ponytail, or you could just set them loose. All you want to do with your perfect straight weave is up to you. They have made styling a lot easier and less harmful as you don’t have to iron your original hair.

  • Protects your natural hair:

They are beneficial when it comes to styling; they are easy to style, put less effort in combing, and above all, they protect your natural hair strands as you apply all styling to your straight hair weave rather than curling or ironing them.

  • Add length and volume to your natural hair:

Bone straight hair adds length and volume to your hair, so you don’t need to worry about thin hair problems anymore. All you need to do is go to a reliable store and buy hair for yourself.

How are bone straight hairs different from straight hair?

Well, how would you differentiate between straight hair and bone straight hair? Bone straight hair is straight and looks flatter, shinier, and silkier than straight hair. They don’t stand curls or any other styling. Bone straight hair just needs a little bit of styling. So if you think you should curl them up for today’s look, you must not because they have a texture that doesn’t stand any styling.

But this exact feature makes them stress-free hair as they require less combing or styling. Also, coloring is not advisable for bone straight hair. Though you can have them colored by hair professionals, it’s better if you don’t color them at all.

Final words:

Bone straight hair is setting up a new trend among ladies who keep dazzling with their glamorous looks. If you love straight hair, but you are worried sick about getting your natural strands damaged and hurt, you should stop worrying and start looking for your very own weave of Bone straight hair.

Perfect outlook can be achieved by wearing Cambodian bone straight hair, and it will make you feel even more confident among all those pretty and rich ladies at hotshots’ casinos. So, go doll up and dazzle them away!

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